Educate Mindanao 

We send hundreds of children to school each year in one of the poorest areas of the Philippine Islands.  We supply them with uniforms, school supplies, backpacks and new shoes.  Please consider helping in  this ongoing project!



Christmas Shoe box ​

Each Christmas we collect gifts that we take to give to children in need. A $25 donation provides each child a shoe box full of gifts. It's an incredible tool that is used to show the Love of Christ   We need individuals and churches to get involved.


In Pakistan young christian girls often become targets.  They are given the worst jobs imaginable and are subject to violence.  We have created a safe environment for them to be educated and learn a trade.  We support 40 girls now and need help to sponsor this very needed ministry to them!



New Shoes 

WMOF has been blessed to partner with several companies to receive new shoes that we are able to give out around the world.  There is a cost factor in getting these shoes cleared from customs and distributed to the children that need them so badly.  You can donate to this cause to enable us to get them out!

Soccer League 

Several years ago WMOF started a soccer league in Ghana for the children in several orphanages.  Uniforms were donated from a local soccer league in California.  We need new balls, nets, and cleats to keep this league going!




There are Christians in Pakistan that have become slaves to brickyard owners.  Entire families have been paying a debt of a lifetime of labor for a few hundred dollars borrowed with an interest rate they can't repay.  We have started a ministry to free these families and equip them to learn a trade or business that can support them.