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Special Mission Project in Kenya Africa


One of the great needs facing many pastors and congregations in remote areas of Kenya is that of a Church building. In many cases the current facilities are little more than huts built of twigs, branches and mud. 

WMOF is working to help these pastors change that. We recently purchased a brick making machine which will allow the making of up to 400 bricks daily. The labor will come from the local church members and friends and will be directed by a professional builder.

We are excited about this project which will include a Tilapia fishpond and chickens to provide food and generate income for the pastor and family. It is our hope to provide brick making machines for the five villages waiting for a new church building. Currently this one machine will be moved from this site to the other five villages set for construction.

The cost of the brick making machines is $1,000.  Your donation of any amount will speed up the process.  Please help us by making a donation today.


To make a donation of any amount please click on the link below 

Above is the current Church where the congregation is meeting. Below is the proposed church building using the brick machine.

bricks 1.jpg

Graduate Student with Dr. Ubah
Currently Ministering in Niger

bricks 2.jpg

Your Support in action. Bricks being made for a church in Kenya.

Bishop Cosmas Mwamburi presiding Bishop of WMOF Kenya

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