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Pastor Paul Roberts shares: World Mission Outreach Fellowship is a recognized non-profit tax-exempt religious organization operating under the 501 (c) (3) section of the United States IRS code.Established in 1996 its International Resource Center is located in Kemp, Texas with ministry offices in India, Burma, Nigeria, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Pakistan. We partner with  businesses and Churches from many nations that sow financial seed into the productive global ministry of WMOF, to bring hope to many of the over 2 billion people who have yet to hear the salvation message of Jesus Christ.

Working primarly in Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist, and Non-religious nations WMOF goes to the most remote villages; no place is to remote nor to volatile. With an understanding that all effective ministry is based on relationships, WMOF has endeavored to establish close relationships with each of the national directors, which has fostered honesty, integrity, and accountability among the directors and WMOF International.

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